Thursday, March 31, 2011

Haven't posted in ages

I haven't posted in ages. I just don't really have a lot to post about I guess.

I quit doing 30 Day Shred. My ankle just couldn't handle it and I couldn't get into it. I've passed it on to someone else, hopefully they will like it.

I did get a Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss dvd which I really like. It makes me sweat an unbelievable amount. I also dug out my Biggest Loser workout dvd, so I will be watching that to see if it is something I can do.

I'm down to 179. I was down to 177 but jumped up 3 pounds. It was my fault since I stopped logging my food for a week.

I am going to try and post at least every other day. It might not be much more than what exercise I've done and what I've eaten but hopefully it will help keep me motivated.