Friday, January 28, 2011

   First I'd like to thank anyone that has ventured over this way to read my blog. As you can see I'm just starting out. I'm hoping that it will help me be more accountable. I have kind of lost motivation and am trying to get it back. 
   January of last year I weighed a little over 250 pounds. I'm 5'2" so that is quite a bit. When I weighed about a week ago I was 188. Right now my goal is 160, and when I reach there I will see if I feel it needs to be lower. I know according to charts I should be between 115 and 130 pounds. I don't see that ever happening. I wasn't that small when I was a freshman in high school and played soccer. 
   Over the next few days I will fill in my profile and add some before pictures. Hope you will come back. :) 


  1. For me, blogging helps keep the focus on the task at hand. It reminds me, every day, that there's a little more work to be done. It keeps me engaged in the task at hand and holds me accountable for my actions. Plus, it has put me in touch with a like-minded community that shares my frustrations and hardships, that really understands what I'm going through.

    Best of luck with your new blogging venture, Shally. I'm rooting for ya!

  2. Awesome! Blogging helps me share my highs and lows with a community that "gets it". Good luck with the blogging! Come visit me at Bloggest Loser for some awesome recipes!

  3. Best wishes to you - will be following along! <3