Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cupcakes and Why Are You Fat?

   I will say that I'm not fat because of cupcakes. I'm sure they helped, but trust me, I'm not blaming the cupcakes. lol! 

   I found this recipe on one of the message boards I visit. I was told it has been around the diet world for years. However, I haven't so it's new to me. I thought it might be new to you also.

Take one box of cake mix and one can of diet soda, any flavor cake and any flavor soda. Mix them together and bake as the box directs. Don't add anything else to it! 

  I wanted to try this so I used what I found in the cupboard. An old box of white cake mix and I had a diet grapefruit soda in the fridge. They came out pretty good. The box said 1/12th of the mix was equal to 180 calories. Since the soda had no calories and I split the mix into 12 cupcakes they are 180 calories each. Other people replying to the message said that if you make it in a cake to poke holes in it when it is done and pour dissolved Jello over it. I know you can find the actual instructions for that if you search Jello poke cake. They also suggested fat free Cool Whip as frosting. I love cool whip so I may have to try that some time. 

Now on to the other part. Someone on this same message board asked the question "Why are you fat?" They explained that growing up a female relative would tell her she was fat when she was only about 120 pounds, so she got into diet pills, not eating, exercising, and binging.
So I thought about why I am fat and my answer was I choose to be. Growing up my dad told me constantly that I was fat. I wore a size large as a senior in high school, and they were big. I married someone that was exactly the same, and when I got divorced I dated people exactly the same until I met my boyfriend now. The fact that these people were the way they were didn't help. It made me depressed and have low self esteem, but I'm the one that chose to eat, to over eat, and to not exercise. I'm sure there will be people that disagree with me and that is fine. This is only my opinion on my situation. So my answer to this question is I chose to be fat. Now I'm choosing not to be.

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  1. Love your response to that question. I have never heard of making cupcakes that way - I may have to try it!